The legacy of B. Kandhari Group started in 1982 when Bihari P. Kandhari began his real estate venture. With his son Vijay Kandhari joining the business at a young age in 1990, the business took off to greater heights. The future looks promising with the third generation Arjun Kandhari now directing the business towards new horizons.

The first impression one gets on meeting the Kandhari family is the strong sense of bonding and respect for elders of the family. What started out as a one man venture grew into a family business and is now all set to take a corporate identity.

B. Kandhari, the patriarch of the family, worked for almost three decades with RBI that gave him a unique insight into the economics of construction business. He still is the guiding force behind B. Kandhari Group’s current status as a market leader. His son Vijay Kandhari has invested boundless energy, passion, and commitment in the business. His two decades of experience and hands-on leadership has seen the business grow in various verticals.

Arjun Kandhari, the youngest member of the family business and grandson of B. Kandhari undoubtedly, has induced freshness, sincerity, and zeal to the company. Brimming with new ideas, he is gradually steering the company towards real estate development.


B. Kandhari, Founder Partner still believes in the old values of the business. Talking about the present scenario, he says, “I have seen the changes in real estate of Mumbai over the years and currently I feel it’s going through a tough phase.  However, every sector goes through cyclic ups and downs. For real estate, the down cycle has prolonged but I believe, the good companies have still survived and will do well in the future.”

Vijay Kandhari, Managing Partner, who is involved in virtually the entire spectrum of Group’s business activities feels real estate will bounce back inevitably. “Builders will have to change. I feel the realty market has become systematic, organized, transparent and more feasible.”

Arjun Kandhari, Managing Partner, recently joined the business and has already carved the business strategy for the group. “My interest is in developing properties and making the company a development-oriented firm. Khushi Aryston, Carter Road, Bandra (W), Khushi Belmondo, Santacruz (W) & redesigned Milan Mall at Santacruz (W) in Mumbai, developed by us are our marquee projects. As developers, we want to cater from 40 lacs to 100 crores segment.”


From a flourishing marketing firm dealing in selling and leasing residential, commercial and retail properties, B Kandhari Group has forayed in building construction and development under the brand name Khushi World. They also own and organize the Mumbai cricket Star league, a cricket tournament held annually since 2016.

As Arjun informs, their clientele includes leaders of entertainment, political, sports and corporate sectors. “As of now, we will continue to focus only on the Mumbai MMR region. Till now, we have not been vocal about our legacy of high profile work but, going forward we will be focusing on PR activities, to be in sync with modern business practices.”

Vijay elaborating on the business strategy said, “I will continue to focus on property marketing and Arjun will focus on property development. Instead of purchasing land, we are infusing money to complete projects that have been stalled due to funding but have no legal complications. We do not buy the project but take up a certain portion of the completed project for ourselves as per the agreement.”

Concluding the conversation, B. Kandhari briefed on Bankers to Realty journey, from a small-time marketing firm to buying, selling and leasing bespoke homes, offices, open plots and redevelopment of old societies. “The company has grown tremendously over the years with HNIS, Ultra HNIS, domestic and overseas investors, movie and sports personalities, leading developers, retail brands and industry stalwarts entrusting their property matters with us.”

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