Why Festive Season is the Ideal Time to Buy a Home ?





    “For most Indians, the purchase of one’s home is perhaps the most significant life time investment, it requires a large capital outlay and as a culture deeply rooted in spirituality, religious sentiment and superstition, there is a significant bias towards making such important life time purchase decision during the festival season. Developers are acutely aware of the buyer-led demand phenomenon during the festive period. Sluggish sales of completed homes over the prior months, have led to a glut in the finished goods inventory. Developers are now keen to offload the same inventory. As many developers are faced with this situation, the competitive environment drives them to differentiate themselves by offering innovative deals in order to attract customers. Despite a reduction in the number of new unit launches, the market seems to be on the self-recovery mode and thus this festive season is probably the most appropriate time to invest in the real estate.”

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